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Without Shatakshee I would not have received my student visa to study BIT in my dream destination ‘Australia’. There was a time when I gave up the hope of my visa because It was a really critical moment of a tough time of visa decision if I rightly analyzed my time of visa application. I have no words to thanks to Shatakshee Educational Team, due to their careful efforts and professional delivery, I finally got the visa and now I am in my dream destination to pursue my further education in my favorite subject “Information Technology”. Thanks a lot, team Shatakshee for fulfilling my dream of studying in Australia. I will be always indebted to your kind cooperation. Best Wishes Always

Shirshak Khatiwada
BIT, Federation University at IIBIT, Sydney

It’s really unbelievable where I am standing. It’s all about a matter of time and the right opportunity at right time. I still remember 2009, when I was so nervous and trying to pursue a technical degree. I couldn’t afford a high budget at that time and fulfill my dreams. Then I came to know about Shatakshee Educational Foundation which showed me a path and guided me for study in India at the very least possible cost. I still remember, at that time the consultancy even didn’t charge me for anything and moreover supported me to grab a 50% scholarship. I found my dream came true when I was awarded the Gold Medal 🥇 for my academics in B. Tech Civil Engineering Degree. This all became possible only due to the right consultation at right time by Shatakshee Team. I am always thankful for your hearty support and cooperation. I am proud to recommend any of the students and parents to visit Shatakshee if you are looking for the best educational institutions.

Rajeev Kumar Gupta
BTech Engineering (Civil) , Bhagwant University, Rajasthan

Thanks to Shatakshee Educational Foundation for being a reliable study advisor for my
bright future. I am very much obliged to the Shatakshee team who provided me the best
and complete advice in my journey of visa application to the successful future now. I
appreciate your clear cut understanding of all the aspects of abroad study processing and
hearty guidance to make my entire experience hassle-free. Thank you, team Shatakshee! I
am very much pleased to say Shatakshee is the best educational consultancy in Nepal.

Ninnama Bantawa
Diploma of Nursing, Canberra Institute of Technology

It gives me an immense pleasure to thank The Shatakshee Team for their continuous
support and guidance that fetched the golden ticket to pursue my dream in Canada. Their
valuable tips and positive response made a difference in my visa application thereby helping
me to get the study permit. Thank you to the team.

Laree Kunsang Sherpa
PG in Human Resource Management, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada

Shatakshee has provided me the best services in order to fulfill my international study
dream. Shatakshee helped me to attain the self-selected course and a university keeping
along with my priorities. I always remember the hard work of team Shatakshee as I received
life-changing advice, boosted my morale, and never let me down at any step. I always found
valuable guidance and a professional approach in all related works. The care that I received
from Shatakshee team is very special and I never can forget it. It is my pleasure to
recommend Shatakshee to other students if interested in abroad studies and IELTS Classes.
Best Wishes Shatakshee …

Reshma Ojha
Bachelor of Information Technology, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba

I am very much thankful to the team of Shatakshee for the entire support and guidance
throughout the time of my visa process and always. The advice that I received while
selecting the course and college, documentation preparation, SOP writing, Interview
Preparation, visa processing, etc is really excellent and outstanding so that I never feel
bored and alone to complete these jobs on time. Therefore if any of you are willing to take
IELTS, TOEFL, PTE classes, or go abroad then I would suggest visiting Shatakshee once for
authentic guidance. Best wishes Shatakshee …

Rabita Katuwal

It's me Bikesh Ban. My journey at Shatakshee was really great and lifelong memories with
friendly staff and counselors. I have no words to express my thankfulness towards the
Shatakshee team for their professional guidelines for my entire process and the great
success of my VISA. I highly recommend to visit Shatakshee if any of you are willing to take
Toefl, Ielts classes, and planning for study abroad. All the staff members have a lot of
knowledge and experience in this field of teaching and counseling so that team Shatakshee
guides all the students accurately as per their requirements.Shatakshee Educational is the
Best Educational Consultancy as you find and feel the homely environment at Shatakshee.
Best Wishes Shatakshee team

Bikesh Ban
MIT, Federation University at IIBIT, Sydney

I am very much happy and proud to be your student. I was recommended by my brother to
visit Shatakshee for my counseling who already had received the visa to study in Australia
from Shatakshee itself. I found Shatakshee Educational Foundation more than what I had
expected, It is truly the very best place to receive clear cut pure career information and
excellent counseling services to shape my future path. It is a very cooperative educational
consultancy and has given me perfect guidance. Shatakshee is truly the best place to visit for
abroad study because it provides the best test preparation classes, and study abroad
services, as well as counselors at Shatakshee, are very friendly and helpful. So, I highly
recommend visiting Shatakshee if you are willing to join for Teat Preparation and study

Bigyan Subedi
Advanced Diploma in IT, Ransford College

Thank you so much Umesh Uncle, Thank you so much entire Shatakshee Team for your kind
cooperation for my entire study of Bachelor of Nursing in India and Masters of Nursing
Global health in Australia. You and your entire team are truly one of the best consultants
I’ve ever met. The experience, knowledge, calmness, and honest advice of the Shatakshee
team is really outstanding. Things that impressed me the most were always being warmly
welcomed like family-like advice and leaving your office with a big smile and the best and
positive outcomes. Your Shatakshee team is really friendly and very supportive as well.
Highly recommended

Laxmi Bhandari
Masters in Nursing Global Health, Flinders University, Adelaide

I always dreamt of studying overseas in my life. Getting into a world-class institution was
something on top of my "Things to-do" list. Shatakshee Educational Foundation made it very
convenient and shaped a new exciting phase in my life towards high success. My experience
with Shatakshee has been spectacular. I have received a 100% support by heart from the
Shatakshee Educational foundation always. Shatakshee was a blessing throughout my study
of Bachelors in India and all the entire process and my study of MITHM MBA at James Cook
University, Brisbane. All thanks go to the amazing counseling team members of Shatakshee.
Therefore I think it will be a great privilege that I found Shatakshee extraordinary and
Students First Focused consultancy in Nepal and I recommend Shatakshee Dillibazar to
everyone who is in search of international higher education as a trusted educational agency
for great service in entire your study period.

Subash Dawadi

I am really impressed by the services rendered by the remarkably supportive staff here at
Shatakshee Educational foundation, Dillibazar. With the help of the Shatakshee Team, I
managed to fulfill my dream of higher education in Australia. What I appreciate the most
about team Shatakshee is they are very much careful and highly attentive. I always found
them eager to help the students in their needs. I even remembered there advise now and
feel comfortable to put my concern anytime as per my need. It is always making my work
really easy. I recommend any of you to visit Shatakshee Education if you are thinking about
your study abroad. Be sure that you are advised accurately. Thanks a lot!!

Monika Katwal
Masters of Nursing International, University of Wollongong

I had a wonderful experience with Shatakshee with my entire visa processing beginning
from IELTS Classes. Their thorough knowledge about IELTS Preparation and abroad studies is
remarkable and their ability to understand the needs of the students and follow up with a
plan of action has been highly supportive to me. It has proved to me that Shatakshee is
truly one of the best consultancies in Nepal. Thank you Shatakshee for guiding me in every
step and helping me to achieve my dream. My special thanks go to Umesh sir, Arpana
Ma'am , Ambika Ma'am, and always indebted to entire team members of Shatakshee for
their timely assistance and kind cooperation. Best of Luck Shatakshee!!!

Maina Tamang
GD leading to Master of Social Change &Development, University of New Castle

It’s indeed a great pleasure to thank the Shatakshee Educational Foundation Team for
providing me highly experienced IELTS Instructors and professional counselors who helped
me in my quest of finding the right course and suitable study abroad destination. They not
only helped me in making the right choice but also guided me with what was right and
accurate for me personally. The journey starting from preparing IELTS to the selection of the
best suitable course and the university was not really easy, but surprisingly I never felt
tough anytime in the entire procedure. It is only due to the professional dealings of the
Shatakshee Educational Foundation Team that helped me to achieve my goal without
feeling any hard anytime !!! I wish Shatakshee all the best in all future endeavours.

Aaditya Karki
Bachelor of Software engineering(AI), Torrens University Sydney

I would like to thank the entire counselor team of the Australia Department for helping,
supporting, and guiding me throughout the process. I am glad that my counselor respected
Arpana Madam helped me by heart and attended all of my calls or inquires very seriously

when I was in my home town. This support not only helped me to secure my admission in
the best college in Sydney but also eased the processes which are essential for my
applications. The untiring dedication of the Shatakshee team who are very much dedicated,
helpful, and highly experienced is the reason to get my Australia Study VISA. Thank you once
again for all your support. It would have been impossible without your Support. Feel free to
visit Shatakshee if you are in need of career guidance for your study abroad. BEST OF

Nisha Kumari Kamu Magar
Advanced Diploma in IT, ACT

I am impressively thankful to Shatakshee Educational Foundation Dillibazar for helping me
out in making my dreams come true. Your assistance is really appreciable. Your teams have
done a great job in dealing with the process I was greatly worried about. Having approached
you, I am stress-free and now I have a clear vision of my goals. I am greatly thankful to you
for streamlining the process and fulfilling my dreams. I heartily recommend abroad aspiring
candidates to visit Shatakshee Educational to receive unbiased career guidance for your visa
success. Thanks, Shatakshee Team

Simran Tamang
BBLM, AAPOLY Melbourne

I approached Shatakshee Educational after considering three other Visa Consultants
available in Kathmandu. After comparing all the four, I found Shatakshee to be the best.
They did a detailed profile analysis and came out with a clear and logical presentation of
facts and details. I am amazed when Umesh Dhungel sir thoroughly and professionally
studied my case and helped me to present my case with clarity. Three Mock Interviews
allowed me to develop a very good understanding of expected questions for the visa
interview and abled to answer in the most precise and impressive manner. I have no words
to express my thankfulness to Shatakshee Team for their exhaustive support and perfect
services. Best Wishes Shatakshee!!!

Kushal Ghimire
BBLM, AAPOLY Melbourne

It gives me an immense pleasure to get a chance to express about Shatakshee
Educational Team for their heartily support for my student visa guidance of Australia.
Special thanks to the Shatakshee team for guiding me thoroughly starting from my
enrolment, SOP and documentation guidance, interview preparation, visa procedure, pre
departures briefings, until Post Departure Assistance. The service provided by Shatakshee
Team is really astonishing. Guidance and assistance are impressively advantageous. I never
can forget the moment that I passed with Shatakshee Team and their 24/7 support system. I
do recommend Shatakshee for aspiring students. Heartly thanks to the entire Shatakshee
Team once again from the bottom of my heart…!!! Always Best Wishes

Pabita Khattri
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Shafston International Brisbane

Getting an admit in your dream university is a great achievement which marks partial
completion of your process to study abroad, the latter half involves securing a student visa.
With the ever-increasing number of immigrants in the United States, getting a non-
immigrant US Visa has become more difficult, yet with the assistance of Shatakshee, I was
able to secure my F1 Visa with ease. Right from filling online forms to preparing for the
interviews, I received ample guidance in every aspect concerning my visa application. For
this I would like to express my gratitude to the team members of Shatakshee for their
guidance and advice, their minute attention to details ensured that I was well prepared to
confidently face the Visa Interview. I thank Shatakshee for their valued guidance and
support and I would recommend their services to my fellow companions who share the
dream of studying in the USA.

Karma Dolkar Ghale
MBA, Ashland University, USA

I had a great experience at Shatakshee Educational Foundation. I started taking IELTS
Preparation Classes here. Extraordinary teaching faculty and the additional study material
provided at Shatakshee was greatly beneficial for obtaining good scores in IELTS. The
guidance provided by Shatakshee for application and VISA procedure was really excellent.
The whole staff at Shatakshee are quite supportive, 24/7 support system and their work
culture is really appreciable. Shatakshee is worth being recommended for study abroad
processing. Team Shatakshee is always in my Heart and Mind. Best wishes !!!

Anjana Tamang
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Shafston International Brisbane

Shatakshee Educational Foundation Dillibazar has been a great help to get my visa approval
of Australia. Truly speaking the toughest part in the application to studies abroad is getting a
visa. I am really thankful to Shatakshee for guiding and helping me thoroughly with the
application, documentation, and the visa interview process so that I always been excited in
entire processing. The Shatakshee team is very much smart, supportive, and helpful; the
guidance that you receive is greatly beneficial. I would say that whoever wishes to get
comprehensive career guidance, Please visit Shatakshee Educational Foundation Dillibazar
ONCE. I am always indebted to the support that I received from Shatakshee. Best Wishes
Shatakshee Team !!!

Pabita Neupane
ETEA Melbourne, Diploma of Community Services

I am really thankful to Shatakshee Educational Foundation for guiding and helping me to be
in this position. It was Shatakshee Educational who counseled me to study my Bachelor of
Nursing in Bangalore, India. After the successful completion of my Bachelor of Nursing
course, I started preparing IELTS as per the advice of Ambika madam and started my
enrolment for Master of Nursing International immediately after receiving the IELTS result. I
have no words to express my thankfulness towards Shatakshee Team. What I am today is
because of the accurate career advice of the Shatakshee Team. The Shatakshee team is very
much supportive and helpful; the guidance that you get in Shatakshee is greatly beneficial. I

would say that whoever wishes to get studies abroad process done in the simplest manner,
should believe in SHATAKSHEE blindly. I wish all the BEST and success in their future

Aruna Banjara
Masters of Nursing International, University of Wollongong

I visited most of the consultancies in Chitwan and Kathmandu but received the best
suggestions from Shatakshee Educational Dillibazar that encouraged me to apply in Sydney
Metro College instantly as per the advice of Umesh Dhungel sir. I am very much thankful as
the decision to choose Sydney Metro College was absolutely the best option as per my
need. I have no words to express my thankfulness towards Shatakshee Team for your kind
cooperation. Shatakshee only made it very convenient and shaped a new exciting phase in
my life towards high success. Shatakshee is truly a pioneer overseas education consulting
company in Nepal. My full recommendation is always with you. Best of Luck, Shatakshee

Manish Jung Thapa
Advanced Diploma in Accounting, Sydney Metro College, Sydney

My entire experience with the Shatakshee team, Dillibazar was unconditionally astonishing.
Strong determination, accurate counselling, answerable attitude, student-first approach,
and smart working system, etc. of Shatakshee team is the best principle that I realized and
want to recommend as one of the trusted professional counselling centers in Nepal. Thank
you all for being so compliant, easy-going, and awfully effective. The guidance provided by
the experienced team at Shatakshee made me everything so much easier and comfortable.
The entire process of choosing from my course to the arrival of my visa was very smooth
sailing and hassle-free. There was never a moment in my experience where I felt I had been
placed second to another client. The team was always there to answer my queries and did
not ever lose patience. Highly professional counselors at Shatakshee have been fantastic
and I am very much grateful for all your help and support. I would recommend Shatakshee
to everyone who wants to go abroad for your study. The team leaves no room for
complaint. Visit Shatakshee and Feel the difference.

Dipesh Thapa Magar
Victoria Institute of Technology, BITS

Shatakshee Educational Foundation has truly been enthusiastic in its efforts to send me to
study at CQU, Melbourne. Each and every member of Shatakshee team is very much
knowledgeable and well aware of current facts and figures regarding the admission
procedures and university requirements. Study abroad aspirants can get in touch with
Shatakshee Team without any reservation. I can say this from first-hand experience, having
witnessed the efforts they put into my case. This would not have been possible without
their support and help. I proudly say Shatakshee is the best Educational Consultancy in
Nepal. Thank you Shatakshee.

Begam Rana Magar
Masters of Mechanical Engineering, CQU Melbourne

I am more than thankful for the consistent and reliable assistance from the Shatakshee
team, Dillibazar. I am surprised to receive the same sort of careful and close look from the
stage of Pre Counselling until the stage of receiving my advanced diploma degree from Skills
Australia Institute. I heartily recommend abroad aspiring candidates to visit Shatakshee
Educational Foundation once for your career guidance to choose the best college as per
your need or budget. If you visit Shatakshee, you definitely feel the difference. Wish you all
the best Shatakshee Team.

Prabha Karki
Advanced Diploma in Business, Skills Australia Institute, Perth

Shatakshee Educational Foundation has truly been dedicated in its efforts to drive me to
study my MPA at FedUni at IIBIT, Sydney. Each and every team member of Shatakshee is
very knowledgeable and well aware of updated information. I am happy to request any of
you to visit Shatakshee Educational Foundation if you are in need of any guidance for your
study abroad. I proudly say Shatakshee is Nepal’s Number ONE Consultancy. Best Wishes

Prajita Mahat
MPA, Federation University at IIBIT, Sydney

Thank you to the entire team of Shatakshee for offering me a great support and complete guidance throughout the entire processing of my student visa and always as per my need. It was indeed a pleasure to start my abroad study application through Shatakshee Educational Foundation. The entire Visa Procedure of Shatakshee was simplified by the systematic approach and can get instant support at a time of need. It was possible due to the highly professional team of Shatakshee who was always eager to guide the students completely. Many thanks to Shatakshee and I definitely would recommend aspiring applicants to visit Shatakshee if you are thinking and planning for your abroad studies.

Yamon Nar
IIBIT, Advanced Diploma in IT, Australia

Dear Shatakshee team, I would like to sincerely thank you again, for constantly encouraging me to complete my admission essay to submit my application on time. I knocked on the door of different consultancies in Kathmandu but they can’t make me sure that I will have an opportunity to study in Australia. I had a great counselling session there at Shatakshee that entirely changed my way of thinking and abroad study perspective as a whole. I have no words to express my thankfulness to Shatakshee Team. I learned a lot from the dedication, punctuality, responsibility, instant 24/7 support system of the Shatakshee Team.I would recommend to every student looking for studying oversees to visit Shatakshee and fulfill your dream.

Nisha Shrestha
University of Wollongong, Sydney, Australia

I am proud of informing you that Shatakshee Educational Foundation is a perfect place to clear your doubts and solve your problems so that you can make your application perfectly in a hassle-free way. It is recommended to visit Shatakshee if you are looking for a professional educational counsellors for your career guidance and to get a place in your wished educational institution as per your BUDGET. Counselors at Shatakshee are well trained and highly professional to their services their advice was always helpful for shaping our future. I am proud of being your students. Thanks a lot for your hearty cooperation at a time whenever I am in need of.Good Luck Shatakshee

Zyumi Lama
College: Shafston International College, Brisbane

It was my uncle who recommended me to contact Shatakshee Educational Foundation, Dillibazar team for my study abroad guidance. I immediately made a call and visited to Shatakshee Educational. I got amazed to receive the in-depth analysis and varied career options in our first counselling that helped me to decide my study at FedUni at IIBIT, Sydney . Shatakshee Entire team is highly professional and they assist at every step, starting from shortlisting career options to sending out applications to the best universities, similarly focusing on Visa policy, Documentation Guidelines, SOP Guidance, Visa interview preparation, and so on. I never felt alone in my entire process. I would highly recommend Shatakshee Educational to any student looking for overseas education.

Kismat Nepali

Keshab Upreti
Keshab Upreti
14:47 23 Aug 20
Highly professional team available at Shatakshee educational foundation are really exception in their experience and... quality service delivery for study abroad and test preparation classes. You are heartily recommended to visit Shatakshee if you are in need any guidance for your study at home or in abroad .we are always thankful for the guidance that we received and happy to recommend you to visit .Shatakshee is established and specialized educational consultancy .read more
sanjok Neupane
sanjok Neupane
12:41 16 Aug 20
Shatakshee Educational foundation Dilibazar kathmandu is truly one of the best educational consultancies in Nepal.How... lucky I m to be cared or guided by the one who had guided to my father and uncle .It is my recommendation to choose Shatakshee Educational if you are in need of career guidance and your admission at home and abroad .Good luck shataksheeread more
Simran Tamang
Simran Tamang
10:50 16 Sep 19
My happiness knows no bounds and I have no words to say thanks to Shatakshee Educational foundation, Dillibazar for the... cooperation that I received while applying my study visa to Australia .Shatakshee, dillibazar is not only the oldest educational consultancies but also a trustworthy company managed by highly experienced academicians having experience more than 2 decades who closely look after the need of students and cooperate accordingly .I humbly request to visit shatakshee if any of you are in need of receiving any career information for your study in abroad .read more
Sangeeta Pandey
Sangeeta Pandey
07:28 10 Sep 18
Shatakshee educational foundation p.Ltd Bag Bazaar is one of the best educational consultancies in Nepal .I visited... personally to shatakshee when i was recommended by my friend .I got chance to meet happy students there at shatakshee .I m so surprised to get complete career guidance in a period of 10 minutes only ..wow...so professional team ....advise you to visit shatakshee lf u r in need of career guidance for ur study in USA,Australia,Zew Zealand ,Canada,Europe and India..wish u a good luck for team shatakaheeread more
shisheer thapa
shisheer thapa
07:14 10 Sep 18
I felt so surprised when I met team Of shatakshee as they were highly experenced and qualified ....I want to recommend... you to visit shatkshee if u r in need of carrer guidance...shatakshee is one of the best edcational consultancies. ..read more
Ajay Ajaybaral
Ajay Ajaybaral
06:56 10 Sep 18
Shatakshee is one of the best professional educational consultancies in nepal providing excellent services to the... students willing for abroad studeies in india,USA ,Australia,Newzealand ,Canada .....I salute for the conselors who has been counselling since last 24 years ....dedicatted service in the field of counselling by shatakshee team is matter of pride ...visit shatakshee ,feel differenceread more
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