Board of Directors

Umesh Dhungel


Mr. Umesh Dhungel is an educational entrepreneur having more than two decades of experience in advising students. He has done M.Phil in English with research-based academic experience. Having started a career in teaching, Mr. Dhungel also initiated a school as the founder Vice-Principal. He is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC) M724 Certified, ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor-1123, Government Trained Student Counsellor, Education New Zealand Trained Agent, Aussie Specialist Agent, ISANA Certified Counsellor. He was also assigned and successfully performed the responsibility of Infrastructure Monitoring Official by Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal in the course of providing approval of educational counseling service or pre-requisite class or language teaching class as per section of directive related to educational counseling service and language teaching. Besides running a leading educational consultancy, he has also served ECAN – an umbrella association of ethical educational consultancy members in different capacities of ECAN Executive Team about for 10 years regularly and performed his effective role as the member of Foreign Affairs, Head of Research and Development Committee, and Coordinator of Information and Communication Department. Similarly, he served NECA (National Educational Consultancy Association) in the capacity of the Spokesperson . He is currently serving the NECA in the capacity of an advisor. He has been working as Founder & CEO of SHATAKSHEE.

Ambika Upreti (Dhungel)


Ms. Ambika Upreti (Dhungel), an energetic and dynamic professional, is rich with about a decade of hands-on experience of teaching and student counseling. As an MBS graduate, she has also proved herself as a good manager of the educational business. She has been overseeing SHATAKSHEE activities in the capacity of Executive Chairperson.

Kosh Raj Giri

Public Relation Officer

Mr. Kosh Raj Giri graduated from TU, is a very enthusiastic and self-motivated professional having more than a decade of experience serving Shatakshee Educational Foundation Pvt. Ltd in the capacity of Director, International. He is a person having unflagging courage, strong determination, and calm endurance.

Arpana Upreti


Miss Arpana Upreti, who graduated from TU, is a very promising student adviser since 2007. She has a long experience of serving Shatakshee as a Director. She is highly dedicated and responsible for taking good care of providing complete service to the students.

Prabin Bhandari

Mr. Prabin Bhandari has completed a Master in Professional Accounting and Grad. Certificate in Australian Law and Practice from Australia. He is a young and enthusiastic figure with years of experience in Australian education and migration services. He is now serving as Australia-based Director of Shatakshee. He is supported by Mr. Garage Dhungel as an office manager and Dinesh Badhu as students support officer in Brisbane Office.

Posta Prasad Adhikari

Mr. Posta Prasad Adhikari completed MA in English is a US-based Director of SHATAKSHEE to coordinate the business of Shatakshee with US Universities and colleges. He is supported by Ms. Mina Dhungel.

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