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I feel exhilarated to have you as our prospective service seekers. Since SHATAKSHEE has a long history of proven success through outstanding performance in bridging the gap between quality education and quality students, your trust upon us will surely be further consolidated in all of our aspects of services, i.e. educational counseling, advising and recruitment/admissions as well as Test Preparation Services.

We have a belief that the right counseling today leads to a brilliant future tomorrow. Thus SHATAKSHEE makes every single effort to provide inclusive information & counseling services to students aspiring to gain an EXCELLENT need-based education in India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, Bangladesh, South Korea, and Europe. Radical Transparency, Together Stronger, TEAM Work, Service Before Self are some of the guiding philosophies of Shatakahee and the main reason for one of the well established and Best Educational Consultancy in Nepal. So we always prioritize student’s interests and aspirations by following the student-first approach.

We are committed to making sure that your journey from selecting the right course and the right University of your budget and preferences to fulfill your dreams will be offered without any vault. Constant guardianship during the entire period of studies abroad and further career guidance even after the completion of studies. So why don’t you come along to pay a visit to our office and talk to our friendly student-advisors?

Once you come to us, you become a part of the SHATAKSHEE family, which not only believes in establishing relations but also in maintaining them for lifelong. Everyone at SHATAKSHEE works hard to ensure that each student’s needs and requests are met. This is why Shatakshee is perceived as one of the most reputed and trusted agencies in Nepal to get accurate, reliable, and unbiased career counseling.  Should you require more information please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Umesh Dhungel Founder/CEO

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