Studying abroad is a decision that demands a lot of contemplation. With our decades of experience in this field, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions and doubts to give you general career information .Feel free to contact us any time as per your convenience utilizing our 24/7 support services including Free Online CounsellingApply OnlineRequest a Call Back , Book a Video Consultation and Book a Virtual Info Session

Career Counselling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. It is a must if you want to change your Passion into a Profession. It not only helps you get insights about yourselves, your career, and what you need to do to improve it but also paves the way for your grand success which is only possible if you visit the professional counsellors who are not only experienced but also always eager the learn new things.Similarly, going abroad is often fraught with a range of questions. Each question demands an answer specific to the individual’s situation. Applying for education abroad is a massive investment, both financially and emotionally, and it needs one to be completely clear about their decision before making a move. So, it is always advisable to seek advice from the right sources and spend adequate time and effort on research.

Here are a few ways that a professional career counselling supports :

  • Supports Pick The Right Career
  • Supports Utilize Professional Resources
  • Supports Bring Stability In Thought
  •  Supports Remove Career-Related Frustration
  • Supports Change Unwanted Behaviour Patterns
  • Supports Gain Confidence And Insight
  • Supports to Know the Opportunities and Challenges

Highly Professional Counsellors at Shatakshee listen to the need of students carefully to support them in order to achieve their career goal through our thorough and rigorous yet in-depth case study based on the students’ profile, background, preference, and experiences by recommending the right courses at right institutions so as to meet their interest and ability i.e. academic and financial. So the prime focus of Shatakshee is to make students pretty clear about their next academic destination at our level best and enrol only highly eligible students to associated educational providers by ensuring that students will be

enrolled at only good quality institutions and vice versa. Similarly, Shatakshee will be always Preparing students for their studies abroad goes beyond test preparations and counselling. Shatakshee supports each student beyond the usual services, and assist them with air- ticketing, airport pickup services, pre and post departure assistance, accommodation, and placement. Shatakshee rightly understands that applying for education abroad is a massive investment, both financially and emotionally so we want to make our students completely clear about their decision before making a move. Similarly, It is always advisable to seek advice from the right sources and spend adequate time and effort on research as well. Our counselling team at Shatakshee has decades worth of experience in this field and is incredibly proficient at what they do. These counsellors provide free, unconditional, and genuine advice to everyone associated with us about any of the services we provide. We are always on the lookout to provide our clients with practical solutions from our experience spanning decades. Choosing a course that is perfect for your career goals and capabilities is crucial. There are a number of areas we provide counselling for from eligibility checkout, financial documents guidelines, selection of country and course as per the profile of students, earning abroad, moving abroad with family, complications of visa, and necessary actions after the expiry of the visa, etc. The counselling sessions are pivotal to the process of your application and to your moving abroad. These services are provided for free. We, at Shatakshee, help you in making these decisions with all essential information on hand.

The next step after successfully selecting the appropriate course, it is equally important for you to choose the right country that meets your dream. It is highly essential to know that each country has its own unique features and should be carefully weighed against your requirements. Different countries may have different standards of education in different fields. At Shatakshee we are regularly updated with the changes in the education system, laws, and conversion rates, among a variety of other aspects of all the countries we are dealing with. This makes it easier for us to advise the students about the best suitable country for them to pursue the course of their choice as per their needs and circumstances. There are countries that are highly reputed for the standards of education they provide in IT may not be the best fit for someone aspiring for an MBA degree. The duration of your course is also an important factor to consider when seeking the right country for your course. Different countries also have different constraints on the amount of work a student can do each week. There are also significant differences between the rules and regulations of staying back after the course is completed. At Shatakshee we make sure that the students are given all the possible information they need about the opportunities they may have for jobs after concluding their education. Selecting a country becomes far easier once all these factors are considered. We make it a priority to help our students find a country that is a perfect fit for them and the course they have chosen for.

Documentation Guidance plays a pivotal role in your Abroad Study Visa Success. It is a great tool in protecting against lawsuits and complaints. Highly Professional Counsellors at Shatakshee make you clear on the need of the university or country and handover Document Checklist for your comfortable. It is essential to provide some supporting documentation as part of your application. Once again, requirements vary depending on the country and university, but international students are often asked to provide the following documents :

Steps For Applying to Study in Abroad :

Research on the following to find out the difference between your Circumstances in Nepal and Target Country as below:

Why Chosen Country? Why Specific Location? Why chosen College/
University? Why a specific Course? What is your expected Exit Outcome? Who
pays for your studies and living?

Applying for an Offer Letter/I20 :
After the completion of careful study plans along with the selection of location, course, and university, etc. the application process starts with the following documents

1.Statement of Purpose (impressive one)
2.Academic Documents
a) Academic Transcript/s including Individual Marksheets
b) Provisional Certificate/s or Original Certificate/s
c) Character Certificate/s
3. English Language Proficiency Test Results (ELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
4.College recommendation letter if applicable
5. Work experience certificate/s, if any
6. Identity Proof (Passport)
7.CV /Resume
8. Marriage Registration Certificate (if married), Birth Registration Certificate (Children only)
9. Fill the required application form of provider
10.Complete course Syllabus (For credit transfer applicants)

STEP 2: Preparation of Financial Documents and Fees Transfer :

1. Education Loan or Cash Balance (Required for the first year of the study and living
with travel expenses)
2. Annual income verification:
Business Income (Business must be registered in PAN /Local Govt., Auditor’s

Salary Letters/Pension Books/Rent Agreements/ Agriculture’s
incomes/Partnership Deeds, etc
3.Property Valuation (Land Ownership Certificate)
4.Relationship Certificate (MUST include all sponsors)
5. Affidavit of Support

Note: Sources of Income must be verified by a legal body like
VDC/Municipality/Metropolitan City, documents in Nepali must be translated in English by the Notary Public and Documents must be certified

Documents required to SWIFT TRANSFER the Fees:

1.No Objection Letter (from the Ministry of Education)
2. Letter of Offer 3. Citizenship & Passport
4.Latest Transcript 5. Money (loan arrangement letter)

Required Document for No-Objection Letter

a) Academic Documents/last degree transcript /Notarised
b) Offer Letter from College and University
c) Citizenship /Notarised
d) Passport /Notarised
e) The license of the concerned exam(if Nursing/Engineering..)/Notarised
f) Required Fees

Required Document for COE:

a) Draft/TT (Fees as per college/ university policy)
b) OSHC payment Receipt
c) College demands Acceptance of offer with student’s Signature
d) Passport photocopy (if family OSHC then family passport too)
e) Any other documents as in condition in the Offer letter
f) Loan Disbursement Letter from bank
g) Bank Statement

Creating a Hap ID for Visa Medical (If require)

Final Step: Visa Application

1.Cover letter (Statement of Purpose)
2. Application Fees
3.Visa Application Form
4.Identity Proof of Applicant
5.Academic certificates:

  • COE/ Study permit/CAS Letter
  • OSHC
  • Academic certificates from higher degrees (Academic Transcript/s, Provisional
    Certificate/s or Original Certificate/s, &Character Certificate/s)
  • CV
  • Equivalency Certificate (if require)

6.Sponsor’s Documents:

  • Affidavit of Support
  • Relationship Certificate
  • Sponsor’s Identity
  • Sponsor’s income
  • Evidence of ownership of property
  • Rental Income
  • Property Valuation

7.Bank Related

  • Cash/Loan arrangement certificate
  • Disbursement letter
  • Swift transfer of Payment Detail

8.Evidence of Applicant’s Employment if any
9.Visa Medical (as demanded)
10.Character Certificate (Police Report)
11.photographs (As Demanded )

For more information on what documentation you’ll need to travel, you should visit Shatakshee to find detailed information for travelers, visitors, and international students. Shatakshee will help you to prepare for your travels and even apply for the student visa on your behalf.

Shatakshee will be always with you in any of your issues and ready to help instantly. Whether it is advice with daily life in New Location, or something more specific like navigating a challenging visa issue or discussing your course options, or any other assistance. Shatakshee tries all the level best to offer the same sort of close care starting from pre counseling until the stage of receiving convocation.

When deciding what and where to study, we honestly advise you to start by thinking about your academic interests, financial strength, and career goals. Take a good time to research the location of your study, specific courses, and options for internships or work placements for enhancement of your skills and knowledge. Look at the campus location, rankings, the amount of time you would like to spend away from home, and the total cost of studying and living overseas. Also consider a country’s economic, political, and social stability when planning to study away from home. It is advisable to think about what kind of lifestyle you prefer – do you want to be in a cosmopolitan city or a quiet country town? Would you prefer to choose a city where there are other students of your nationality? Do you want to be close to the beach, forest, or desert? Do you want to live on/off-campus?. Similarly, you need to take think If you would like to explore the option of staying in the country to work after your studies you will need to find out about the migration policies of that place and visa conditions. Also, be aware that these government policies can change at any time during the course of your study.

Whatever your interests, be sure to match them up with your study destination so that you really give yourself the best chance of loving your international experience. When considering what and where to study, your Shatakshee counselors will be able to guide you on the courses, institutions, and locations that best meet your preferences.

Your career prospects will benefit incredibly from your experience of studying, living, and socializing overseas. It is your opportunity to develop a wealth of new skills, perspectives, and stronger English language skills and seek work experience from the kind of employers you’d like to work for. These qualities that you have earned in a short span of your study time abroad will surely make you proficient in achieving a good job in your home country.

Globally recognized degrees that you have earned abroad will be appreciated and accepted in your home country. But you need to know the government equivalency rules and formalities and do some research with the relevant professional registration bodies in your home country for advice before you apply for abroad.

Your Shatakshee counselors will guide you accurately so that you will get authentic guidelines on equivalency rules, its formalities, and the requirement of relevant professional registration bodies before you apply to the particular courses or after completion of your course in abroad.

While you can apply to study directly to an institution, you may choose to use the expertise of an international education specialist to guide you through the process of choosing the right university or college and enrolling thereafter. Using an accredited and trusted agent, like Shatakshee, can help reduce the stress of choosing an educational provider in another country, applying, and preparing to leave.

Our student counselors are knowledgeable and up to date on curriculum changes, and have your best interests at heart. Most of them have studied or visited overseas themselves hence can offer first-hand advice every step of the way.

It’s natural for your family to be anxious about letting their child travel alone to a new country. Millions of students have done so and thrived, but this doesn’t make it less difficult for parents to accept. We encourage you to involve your parents in any discussions or appointments you have with Shatakshee. With the assurance of an international education specialist like Shatakshee, your parents would feel more confident seeing you being assisted by a professional and responsible organization in your applications and preparations.

Surely, our service extends beyond study advice and applications. We can help you get all the essential services you will need while living abroad — health insurance, foreign exchange, accommodation, setting up a bank account, and obtaining a SIM card. We organize pre-departure orientations that cover topics such as student life in your new country, advice on adapting to the culture, and how to deal with homesickness and give equal focus on Post Departure Assistance as well. So, our support starts with pre counseling and continues until receiving convocation and thereafter as required.

All universities and Colleges can have different entry requirements, so it is advisable to visit Shatakshee and collect the course information very carefully. There is a range of entry requirements depending on the level of education and the chosen program. It is fully based on the enrolment eligibility criteria/policy of particular education providers. As stated before, the academic requirements and evidence of English language skills will vary depending on your level of education, chosen course, and the country that you have selected for your study. Similarly, some courses will require you to have done a foundation course before applying for a degree compulsorily, or sometimes you need to go for Foundation or any other Qualifying Program if your academic requirement or English test proficiency are not met directly go for a degree. Your Shatakshee counselors will help you assess your eligibility for different programs and guide you on the courses and locations that best meet your preferences.

Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial and life-changing experiences. For most international students, the appeal is likely to be a combination of gaining a high-quality education, experiencing immersion in a new culture (and often a second language), gaining a global mindset and expanding future employment prospects, overcome the challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world. In this way, by studying abroad you can give real-life context to your classroom learning, get to travel the globe, expand your worldview, gain your confidence, make lifelong friends, and proficient enough to communicate with all types of people, etc. so that you can easily find from a good job to improving your social life when you back to home town. Therefore, Studying abroad can be a tool to change the way you see the world. But it is recommended to know the challenges and opportunities of studying in a particular location for your excellent Exit Outcome. Your Shatakshee counselors will help you give a clear picture of your study abroad.

The first impression any university or education institution has about you is through your application. This impression will carry a lot of weight when you are being considered for admission. It is for this reason that the application needs to be drafted with great care and should have all the necessary documents carefully presented with it. Our counselors are always on hand to make sure that your documentation and application are exactly as they are supposed to be as per the norms of educational providers. Highly Professional Counsellors at Shatakshee guide the students in choosing the Right Course & direct them to fill the application correctly. As a liaison body, Shatakshee provides excellent services to the providers and students so that there will be ZERO Issues during the Entire Admission Process.

The most important factor in going abroad for education is finding a course that is perfect for you in every possible way. It should not only be something that you are interested in but also something that will hold you in good stand for moving forward in your career. Similarly, your course selection depends on the intention to study a particular course, your academic qualifications, English proficiency, and financial strength. It is also advisable to select the subject which is closely related to your previous study and that has a good value in Nepal. Similarly, you should bear the task of paying the fees of the course comfortably. The team at Shatakshee Educational stays constantly updated with the new courses on offer in prime universities around the world. The team has information on the latest education opportunities and job prospects around the world to offer you the best possible suggestions. It is important to find a course that will enable you to make the most of your talent, academic parameters, and financial profile. There are a number of popular courses around the world that have grabbed the attention of students. A few of them are Business, MBA, Banking & Finance, Computing, IT, Engineering, Health, Pharmacy, Nursing, Hospitality & Tourism, Architecture, Fashion Design. Finding a course that meets all these criteria is not easy, but this is exactly what our counselors at Shatakshee Educational are trained to do.

Yes, you need to apply for a student visa. When a student finally receives GTE Approval/Study permit/CAS Letter from the educational providers, the final step they need to do is prepare and apply for the visa. Visa Lodgement always demands a clear cut and up to date understanding of the VISA System. It is decisive because incomplete or wrong visa applications lead to delays or unsuccessful results. So, Shatakshee is always serious on all applications and ensures a Perfect and Zero Error Visa Lodgement for your Success Shatakshee has over 14 years of experience in helping clients move abroad. This experience has prepared us to help you create a reliable visa application. We are updated with the latest information and changes, which are frequent, in the processes and ensure your application is in line with the latest rules and requirements. This practice of thorough applications has ensured that we have a bare minimum refusal rate for our clients.

The cost associated with studying at a university or college abroad vary greatly. It depends on different things including the country that you have chosen, types of educational providers, the nature of your chosen program, the length of your study, the distance you travel, your lifestyle preferences, and even your current and future academic performance. To work out the cost of studying abroad, you need to consider the average tuition fees for international students in your chosen country, as well as the cost of living. This is recommended to be mindful that some student visas require you to have a certain amount of funds available in your bank account or your parent’s bank account when you arrive in your chosen country. It is the best advice to visit Shatakshee or speak to one of our

counsellors primarily before you start planning your study abroad as our counsellors are up to date in the visa policy and the immigration guidelines of the country you wish to enrol in. We also advise you to know the part-time work right alongside your studies to support in living or socializing costs. However, there are restrictions on the hours you are allowed to work to ensure you don’t lose your academic focus. Your Shatakshee counsellors will help you to offer you accurate career information regarding cost to study abroad and the part-time work system of your chosen country.

Shatakshee focuses on Scholarships the MOST due to the incredible range of its benefits. Scholarships Make Education Easier to Access, It Can Access Extensive Support, It Helps You Extend Your Network, It Gives Your Resume a Boost, It Encourages Philanthropy and It enhances Additional Experiences, etc. So, we take it as our priority to serve the students closely. Study abroad scholarships is available in most countries. Your first port of call will be Shatakhee where you are guided by a professional team or you can have a close read of your chosen university’s website, where you’ll find information on available scholarships. Sometimes the university will also list external scholarships, such as those offered by the government or business partners of the provider. If not, you should research governmental schemes in your home country and your country of study, as well as funding offered by external organizations relating to your field of study (e.g. an engineering firm might offer a scholarship for engineering students). Many scholarships are granted based on academic merit and are highly competitive. There are of course a myriad of other funding opportunities available to make studying abroad more affordable, including scholarships, fellowships, studentships, sponsorships, grants, and bursaries. Visit Shatakshee to utilize this opportunity.

You can have different options for your stay as per your need and as per your budget. If your chosen university has readily available campus accommodation, it is likely that you will be able to apply for a place in these student halls. If this is not the case, you will need to find your own accommodation as per your wish. You can consider renting your own flat if you are financially sound. If you have a smaller budget, you can find shared accommodation or use of spare room listings found online. In all cases, you should make sure you do your research before signing anything or handing over any money. Your university’s student support team and student union should also offer advice on how to find accommodation locally. Shatakshee team will guide you with the best available alternative as per your desire and budget.

Globally recognized degrees that you have earned abroad will be appreciated and accepted in your home country. But you need to know the government equivalency rules and formalities and do some research with the relevant professional registration bodies in your home country for advice before you apply for abroad.

Your Shatakshee counselors will guide you accurately so that you will get authentic guidelines on equivalency rules, its formalities, and the requirement of relevant professional registration bodies before you apply to the particular courses or after completion of your course in abroad.

It depends on whether or not your student visa allows you to work. In some countries, there are restrictions on the amount of paid work you can undertake during your studies. Often there’s a limit of 20 hours’ paid work per week during term time, with full-time work permitted during holidays. Working while you study can complement your study and living experience. Before you undertake any paid work, ensure that your visa permits it. The opportunity for students to work part-time during their studies varies from country to country. Many universities have a

dedicated jobcentre on-campus for students that advertise job opportunities to help students develop various skills. The university careers service is also a useful source of information. It is fair enough to state here you’ll need to prove that you already have enough money to support yourself when you apply for your visa. It is important to bear in mind that If you do work during your studies, it’s not a good idea to rely on your wages to fund living costs. So, It is recommended to check with the Shatakshee Team to collect clear cut information on your Work Right during your studies.

Pre Departure Briefings covers topics ranging from Academic Life, Accommodation, cost of living, general advice on immigration rules, travel and Health Insurance, duty and responsibility of students, pros and cons of particular countries, guidance on preparing for a student's journey, arriving that country, and so forth. So this session is highly essential to develop your confidence and the other steps required for the student to settle in the new country without any difficulties. It is also a time to inform about International students’ support centre and Pastoral Care Programmes that are implemented to ensure a nurturing environment for students.

Pre-departure briefings also include informing students about a number of issues such as the culture and traditions of the country they are going to. The cultural differences they see there may cause conflict with the locals, or even cause the students to grave culture shock. They are informed about the required appropriate behavior and decorum that they need to maintain. We also advise the students regarding the medical and emergency protocol they need to follow. They are briefed about the location of basic utilities, book stores, and safe entertainment venues around the campus. We also inform students about essential banking details and calling cards which they will need on an immediate basis. The pre-departure briefing is a complete information package that ensures the student is sensitized towards the country they are going to. It aims to make the students self-sufficient and empower them to survive in a new part of the world.

As a prospective international student, it is relatively unlikely for schools to expect you to attend an admissions interview in person, although this is not unheard of – especially for the most competitive programs. Some universities hold international interviews in various locations around the world, so you may be expected to attend one of these. There is also a growing trend of using video interviewing. This is like any other interview, with a prearranged time and date, but will take place online, via an application such as Skype. Applying for the visa, according to most applicants, is an arduous task. The visa applications are finely examined by the authorities and should meet all of their checkpoints before they

are approved. Over and above this the applicants are also required to give a personal interview with the representatives of the country you are applying to at their embassy. At Shatakshee we are with you every step of the way. We ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for all the possible questions you may be asked in the admission or visa interview. There are comprehensive training sessions where the applicant is given a number of tips and techniques to help them fly through the interview. This not only imbues the student with confidence but also ensures that they are not caught by surprise during the interview.

Considering your application as early as possible is the best way to go. After all, the sooner you gain acceptance into a university, the sooner you can arrange your travels. To avoid disappointment, note down all the relevant application deadlines (set out by your chosen university) on your calendar. Application deadlines will be different depending on the school, but, for programs starting in the fall (September/October), applications will generally be open from early in the year (January/February) until the middle of the year (June/July).

We recommend you begin your application process before time to give enough time for your applications to be processed and to prepare for your time overseas. It is highly essential to bear in mind that the academic year begins at different times of the year in different countries. Semester dates tend to run as follows:

Semester 1: starts late February/early March to late May/early June
Semester 2: starts late July/early August through to November.

New Zealand
Semester 1: from February to June
Semester 2: from July to November

Term 1: from September to December
Term 2: from January to April
Term 3: from April to June

Fall Term: from August to December
Spring Term: from January to April
Summer Term: from May to August

Fall Intake: primary intake starts in August/September
Spring Intake: smaller intake in January/February
Summer Intake: limited programs intake in May/June

The above dates are a guide only. You should always check the exact dates with Shatakshee Team for your accurate information.

Our career counselling services are free of cost. You do not have to pay anything to get an accurate career counselling with Shatakshee. For more information, call up Shatakshee Team or register for free counseling or 24/7 support and complete our In-depth Career Counselling form.

If you have any more questions regarding how to study abroad, that haven’t already been addressed, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as earliest as possible! You may also be interested in attending the seminars that we hold, which offers the chance to meet universities from around the globe and get advice for your application, or any other workshops on writing impressive SOP, receiving the scholarship, obtaining need-based interview guidelines Etc,you are requested to contact us any time as per your convenience utilizing our 24/7 support services including free online counseling, Apply Online, Request a Callback and book a video consultation.

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