Shatakshee Educational's Achievements

We are able to establish a long-term relationship with educational providers and students/parents due to providing quality service and professional delivery to their fullest satisfaction. This is what Shatakshee is considered as one of the Well Established and BEST Educational Consultancies in Nepal.

We have been representing the same colleges that we represented at the time of our establishment or any moment of time and words of mouth of previous students is the real source of new enrollment justify that we have been establishing the delighted atmosphere by strengthening the harmonious relationship among the educational providers, students/parents, and educational advisers. This is what Shatakshee is considered as the BEST, Honest, Responsible, and highly professional career counseling center in Nepal.

We have been able to provide Student Assistance Support Services by our country-specific director with a contact office in Brisbane, Australia, and Virginia, America now and in the process to extend this services as per the need in near future.

We are an Authorized Representative of 350+ universities across 10+ countries globally. We are offering the golden opportunities for the aspirants to meet the delegates from overseas universities/colleges directly to get first-hand information round the year. This is what Shatakshee is dedicated in developing it as a ONE STOP Abroad Studies Solution Center in Nepal.

Shatakshee has proven itself the TOP and Leading Overseas Educational Consultancy in Nepal due to delivering accurate career information by the highly experienced and professional team of counselors on time strictly following the principles, guidelines, and Code of Conduct of educational providers and concerned authority since 2063 B.S.

We are approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal, member of NECA. Our Counsellors having the experience of more than 2 decades in education and counseling are very much eager to learn new things every day as they believe they are The Agent of Change. Our Counsellors are Government Certified, QEAC-AUSTRALIA Certified, ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor, Education New Zealand Trained Agent, Aussie Specialist Agent, name the few. This is the reason that the Shatakshee Educational Foundation is considered as a trendsetter and Nepal’s Number ONE educational consultancy.

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" An Authorized Representative of 350+ Top International Universities Across 10+ Countries Globally With Upto 100% Scholarship "

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