The SAT is an entry level test for prospective undergraduates. While there are many colleges and universities in the United States that accept foreign students on the basis of their TOEFL scores, the better state universities and private universities require a certain score in the SAT before they can admit any student- domestic or international. The SAT is also one of the criteria that is used to evaluate scholarship applications. A good SAT score goes a long way in ensuring that you get a scholarship award in the institution of your dreams.

The SAT is a ‘scholastic’ test. It is more esoteric than a proficiency test like the TOEFL and is supposed to measure your aptitude in ‘scholastics’. Earlier, the SAT was the acronym for ‘Scholastic Aptitude Testing’ but in the latest bulletins, this ‘full form’ is no longer found on any of the official publications or media.

Our SAT course is geared around procurement of the best possible score for all students. At GEIC, you will find a harmonious blend of comprehensive theory and the best strategies and tricks.

Test Format

The SAT is a grueling test and consists of 10 sections that last for an average of 20-25 minutes. It is a paper based test and conducted at St.xaviers School and Lincoln’s School in Kathmandu. The SAT , broadly speaking, has three sections- Reading, Writing and Math. Each of these sections are worth a band score of 800 and the total score of the SAT is 2400. The following is the break up of the various sections in the SAT:

Writing Section 1.
Essay Section – 25 Minutes FOR 1 essay
Writing Section 2.
Improving Sentences, Improving Paragraphs and Identifying Sentence Errors – 25
Writing Section 3.
Improving Sentences- 10 minutes for 14 questions

Critical Reading Section 1.
Sentence Completions and Passage Based Questions- 25 minutes for 24 questions
Critical Reading Section 2.
Sentence Completions and Passage Based Questions- 25 minutes for 24 questions
Critical Reading Section 3.
Sentence Completions and Passage Based Questions- 20 minutes for 19 questions

Math Section 1.
25 Minutes for 20 Questions
Math Section 2.
25 Minutes for 18 Questions
Math Section 3.
20 Minutes for 16 Questions

The total number of questions in the SAT is as follows:
Sentence Completions – 19
Passage based Questions – 48
Total- 67

Identifying Sentence Errors- 18
Improving Sentences – 25
Improving Paragraphs- 6
Essay – 1
Total- 49 + Essay

Multiple Choice- 44
Grid Ins – 10
Total – 54

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